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    EMA Services
  • Emergency Health Records
  • Emergency Medical Funding
  • Emergency - related Legal Assistance
EMA is a philanthropic Emergency health service. Emergency aid is an ignored critical necessity. Accident victims may not have cash available and are denied health care till funds are made available. EMA bridges this gap with funds from hearty donors. Once there is an emergency, hospitals can call/contact EMA and based on fund availability EMA will pay or promise to pay the patients health care bill. Usually after recovery patients are able to reimburse EMA out of good will.
Another critical problem in Nigeria is the fear of arrest when a passerby wishes to transport an accident victim to the hospital. In respect of this, please take all accident victims to the hospital, EMA's volunteer lawyers guarantee to get you out immediately. Register now for emergency aid, your medical record is also kept on file in case of emergencies to assist hospitals have a quick record source. We encourage hospitals to register with EMA for quick access to funds and information. Please donate today and set up recurrent donations, these go a long way to saving lives in our cities.